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From the Archivist's Notebook: Essays Inspired by Archival Research in Athens Greece

From the Archivist's Notebook: Essays Inspired by Archival Research in Athens Greece
“Writing is the only thing that when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else.”‬ –Gloria Steinem 

My name is Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan – archivist, archaeologist, historian, wife and mother. These are pages from my notebook.

I studied Classical Archaeology in Greece (University of Thessaloniki) and the United States (Bryn Mawr College), and have conducted field work in East Crete for many years. Since 1994, I have served the American School of Classical Studies at Athens as head of its archives, from which I draw inspiration for most of my writings in this blog. Together with Jack L. Davis, I recently co-edited a volume titled Philhellenism, Philanthropy, or Political Convenience? American Archaeology in Greece, Hesperia 82:1, Princeton 2013. Jack, Vivian Florou, and I have just published another edited volume, titled Carl W. Blegen: Personal and Archaeological Narratives (Atlanta: Lockwood Press 2015). The book is  available at:
“From the Archivist’s Notebook” will appear once a month (on the 1st), occasionally twice (then also on the 15th) if there is a guest contribution.

Here you will also will find essays contributed by guest authors who are involved in similar kinds of archival research: viz., the history of institutions and the role of individual agency in them. These essays will include their musings on books, articles, and exhibition catalogs relevant to their research interests. Until now, guest bloggers Jack Davis, Jacquelyn Clements, Liz Ward Papageorgiou, Vivian Florou, and Curtis Runnels have written on a variety of themes (see Authors).

Finally, opinions in From the Archivist’s Notebook are those of the authors. Comments are moderated, but publication of a comment does not indicate an endorsement of the opinions expressed.

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ASOR Annual Meeting Programs

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      Open Access Journal: Spicae: Cahiers de l'Atelier Vincent de Beauvais

      [First posted in AWOL 19 January 2012, updated 19 May 2018]

      Spicae: Cahiers de l'Atelier Vincent de Beauvais
      ISSN: 2257-6819
      Spicae, Cahiers de l'Atelier Vincent de Beauvais est une revue en ligne destinée à la publication de travaux érudits concernant l’encyclopédisme médiéval et la transmission des connaissances de l’Antiquité vers le Moyen Âge occidental, que ce soit sous forme d'articles de recherche, d'éditions critiques, de dossiers de travail, de listes de manuscrits et de notes spécialisées. La transmission des textes grecs, syriaques et arabes qui ont nourri l'encyclopédisme médiéval via des traductions est bien entendu inclue dans ce champ de recherche ouvert sur l'encyclopédisme latin et vernaculaire sur toute la période médiévale.

      Spicae est ouverte à toute proposition de contribution dans ces domaines et publie notamment les résultats des travaux de l’Atelier Vincent de Beauvais et de ses partenaires ou collaborateurs. Elle est aussi un complément scientifique au projet SOURCENCYME (‘Sources des encyclopédies diévales’) de corpus annoté des encyclopédies médiévales latines.

      De 1979 à 1986, la revue Spicae. Cahiers de l'Atelier Vincent de Beauvais a été publiée sous forme papier. Ces anciens numéros sont maintenant disponibles en versions téléchargeables sur le site web de l'équipe.

      Date de création du site de Spicae en ligne : décembre 2011.

      Friday, May 18, 2018

      Special Issue on Digital Heritage Technologies: Applications and Impacts

      Special Issue on Digital Heritage Technologies: Applications and Impacts  
      Posted on 2018-05-18
      The recent "digital turn" in archaeology has spurred methodological advances and new research directions, with wide-ranging impacts at multiple scales. The proliferation of imaging, remote sensing, laser scanning and photogrammetry applications has, at times, outpaced considerations about data archiving, digital epistemologies, and accessibility. This can lead to circumstances in which the creation of digital datasets is privileged over public dissemination or scholarly output – a situation that ultimately undermines the democratization of science. The future of digital heritage in archaeology thus lies in the integration of methodological approaches to digitization with explicit project outcomes targeted at various communities and stakeholders – an approach that might be thought of as “applied digital heritage.” This special issue will publish papers that highlight recent work in the field of digital archaeological heritage, with a focus on documentation, analysis, and dissemination. It is not constrained by geographical setting or time period.  Authors are encouraged to consider topics that include, but are not limited to, the following: Digital techniques in archaeological field and lab research Digital epistemologies and the interpretation of archaeological material Dissemination and public engagement; and The ethics and politics of digital archaeological heritage

      Open Access Journal: The Denver Journal: An Online Review of Current Biblical and Theological Studies

      [First posted in AWOL 22 February 2011. Updated 18 May 2018]

      The Denver Journal: An Online Review of Current Biblical and Theological Studies

      Welcome to Denver Journal. The purpose of the Denver Journal is to establish an online Evangelical review journal of biblical and theological studies edited and produced by the faculty of Denver Seminary for use by alumni and all who are interested in biblical and theological ministry and research.
      Denver Journal is a review journal. It aims to include reviews of all recent and significant books and published media relating to the major fields of biblical and theological studies: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Systematic Theology, World Christianity, Pastoral Ministry and Evangelism, Counseling, Philosophy of Religion, Education Ministries and Administration, Homiletics and Speech, and Youth and Family Ministries.
      Denver Journal will include reviews as well as review articles that might include essays on the present state of studies in a field or specific area of that field, annotated bibliographies, extensive reviews of a work of particular significance, and other longer items. The reviews themselves, divided according to the major fields of biblical and theological studies, will normally be 500-800 words in length. An additional section of book notes will include 100-200 word summaries and evaluations of books that are worthy of note but not necessarily deserving a full review in the journal.
      Denver Journal is an Evangelical journal. Its choice of books and reviewers reflects the Evangelical commitment and interests of the seminary.
      The journal is online. All contributions are written and edited electronically.
      You can view past Denver Journals here.

      Current Volume

      Volume 21 - 2018
      Title & Author Article Author(s)
      Old Testament

      Ryan P. O’Dowd. ProverbsCraig L. Blomberg

      New Testament

      Apologetics and Ethics


      Historical Theology



      Open Access Journal: eisodos: Zeitschrift für Antike Literatur und Theorie

      [Firsts posted in AWOL 2 June 2014, updated 18 May 2018]

      eisodos: Zeitschrift für Antike Literatur und Theorie
      ISSN: 2364-4397
      eisodos – Zeitschrift für Antike Literatur und Theorie ist eine peer-reviewed, open-access, online-Zeitschrift für B.A.- und M.A.-Studierende sowie Doktoranden zu Beginn ihrer Promotion. Es werden sowohl Studierende der Klassischen Philologie als auch Studierende der Byzantinistik, des Mittel- und Neulatein, der Allgemeinen & Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft oder einer modernen Literaturwissenschaft eingeladen, Beiträge in deutscher oder englischer Sprache einzusenden.

      Thematischer Schwerpunkt von eisodos sind Fragen der Interpretation von antiker Literatur und des Theorievergleichs. Interpretation von Literatur meint hier gleichberechtigt Studien zu Einzelwerken von Literatur, zu Einzelaspekten in diesen Werken sowie zu Literatur allgemein. Die theoretische Basis für verschiedene Herangehensweisen an Literatur sollen dabei stets auch thematisiert werden.
      eisodos – Journal for Ancient Literature and Theory is a peer-reviewed, online-journal for B.A.- and M.A.-students as well as Ph.D.-Students in the early stages of their Ph.D. Classisicsts, students of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, as well as students of Middle and New Latin, Comparative Literature or any other Literary Studies are invited to submit contributions.

      eisodos has as its focus questions on the interpretation of Ancient literature. The comparison of different literary theories is a further key aspect on which eisodos will welcome submissions. Interpretation here is intended to include both studies on individual works of literature or specific aspects in individual works of literature as well as studies on literature in general. The theoretical framework and approach that forms the basis of any of these interpretations should always be articulated.

      Open Access Journal: Circe de Clásicos y Modernos

       [First posted in AWOL 11 November 2009. Updated 18 May 2018]

      Circe de Clásicos y Modernos
      On-line ISSN 1851-1724 
      ISSN-e: 1514-3333
      Circe de Clásicos y Modernos is an annual publication by the Instituto de Estudios Clásicos of the Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, director Marta Alesso. The journal aims to publish original works on Philology, Philosophy, History, Literature and Classic Tradition, and for these to be accepted by members of the International Review Committee, who referee blind the works sent by the Editorial Committee. The journal’s geographical reach is international. It also publishes reviews of books by Argentinian and foreign authors and news on scientific events in the journal’s specialization.

      Vol.    Number